Become a better musician by playing along with professional backing tracks produced by Best Backing Tracks.  Jamming with our music is like playing with a group of professional musicians, except it is on your schedule.  Our music was recorded live by professional musicians dedicated to helping you become a better guitarist, bass player or drummer.  All of our tracks were mastered in a special way to leave room in the mix for your instrument, which makes it feel like you are playing with the music, not over the top of it.

Guitarists can use our tracks to practice guitar scales, riffs and inventing solos.  Each guitar backing track is like the guitar solo section of a song, minus the guitar solo.  The tracks are at least five minutes long, which gives the guitarist plenty of time to get the repetition necessary to master specific guitar soloing skills.  We have found five minutes to be the perfect length of time to challenge the guitarist to develop unique soloing ideas for the entire song.

New drummers will enjoy playing along with our music to learn drumming.  Our "minus drums" songs include guitar solos and all instruments (except drums of course).  It's up to the drummer to listen carefully to the song and create a drum part that matches the song, just like what you would do in a live jam situation.  Experienced drummers will love the guitar solos because they are original, entertaining, and will challenge the drummer to stay locked in with the bass player and not get distracted by the guitar soloing.

Bass players can use our "minus bass" songs to learn to play the bass, practice bass guitar scales, and to practice listening to a song and developing a matching bass line.  Each bass backing track includes all instruments except bass.  Guitar solos are included so it really feels like a live jam, and to challenge the bass player to stay focused on locking in with the drummer.


Learn guitar soloing by playing along with our huge collection of professional guitar backing tracks.

Learn to play the bass guitar by playing along with our "minus bass" backing tracks, complete with guitar solos!

Learn to play the drums by playing along with our huge selection of "minus drums" backing tracks!

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