Frequently Asked Questions - Best Backing Tracks

What are backing tracks?

Backing tracks are songs made to play along with to practice your instrument.  These are also known as jam tracks, play along songs, minus drums, drumless tracks, and minus bass songs.

I purchased some backing tracks but I'm not sure how to get them into iTunes or Windows Media Player.  Help!

Please read our MP3 Instructions document.

I play the guitar.  How do I use your guitar backing tracks?

As a guitarist, you can use our tracks to practice inventing and playing solos.  You can also use them to simply play guitar scales and riffs.  Given the repetitive nature of backing tracks, you'll will have plenty of chances to nail that riff each time the song cycles through the chord progression.

How can drummers use your backing tracks?

Our drum backing tracks include all instruments except the drums.  There is no metronome and no click to keep the tempo.  You use our music by listening carefully, and figuring out an appropriate drum pattern for the song.  You'll need to focus on the bass guitar and lock in to form a solid rhythm section.  There are guitar solos to make these songs more interesting and fun.  Those solos make the drumming more challenging because you'll really need to focus on the rhythm of the song, not the awesome guitar soloing.  In that sense, our backing tracks most accurately simulate a live music jam situation.  How many times have you shown up for a jam, and everyone is playing along with a metronome?  Never!  You are the metronome for the band.

How can bass guitarists use your backing tracks?

Similar to the drum backing tracks, our "minus bass" songs include all instruments except of course, bass guitar.  As the bass player, you'll need to listen carefully to the song, figure out the chord progression, figure out an appropriate bass guitar line, and play it.  You can practice locking in with the drummer to form a solid rhythm section.  Guitar solos are included to simulate a live jamming situation, and to make these tracks more fun.  Playing along with Best Backing Tracks truly is a fun and very effective way to learn the bass guitar!

What makes your backing tracks special?

Many things!  This business was started by a seasoned multi-instrumentalist who was taking serious professional guitar lessons.  He was looking for music to practice along with, scoured the web, and couldn't find backing tracks that sounded good enough.  One might sound pretty good, except the drums were terrible.  Another one is too short.  Another one has terrible organ tone.  To musicians with high standards, poorly made backing tracks are insufferable because a lot of time gets spent listening to them during practice sessions. 

So our music was created meticulously to make sure each instrument was played by a professional musician, all of the tones were excellent, the mix was perfect, and that there is plenty of room in the music for the guitarist, bass player or drummer (depending on which flavor of musician you are).

Each backing track was mastered by one of the best audio engineers in the music industry, and he was able to master them to leave room in the mix for your instrument.  This feels very different than playing along with a commercially produced album.  With Best Backing Tracks, you are playing inside the mix, not over the top of it like you are with a commercial album.

Can I re-sell your backing tracks?

No.  Thanks for asking though!

Can I use your backing tracks in live performances?

Yes.  Please do that!

Can I make a recording using your backing tracks?

Yes, if you acknowledge Best Backing Tracks with a link to our website.