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The heavy guitar part and trancy 2nd guitar part combine to make a sound that could be the child of Soundgarden and James Bond… Hard to imagine perhaps, but it's there! The electric bass has tons of freedom in this jam track. Play in unison with the guitars, solo around the guitar parts, make up a new bass line, and bust out a distortion pedal for some soaring bass leads! And if you want to nail the James Bond sound, play a Dmin arpeggio, followed by Dminb6, followed by Dmin6, and then back to Dminb6. In D Minor, the b6 is the note "Bb" and the natural 6th is "B natural". 120 BPM.
"A "Section: ||: Dmin9 | | | :|| "B" Section: ||: Dmin | Dmin(aug5) | Dmin6 | Dmin(aug5) :||